Strangeness With Global Folder in Flow Setting Global Variable Action

Continuing my newbie wandering into the global folder mechanism…

Within my komponent, I create a global folder called Test. Within that folder, I create a global variable called Test1. I then go into a Flow and add a Set Global Variable step and bring up the list of global variable names to select from. In that list I see both “Test” and “Test1”!

I am not sure I see the semantic meaning in allowing me to set a value to the folder item (Test). What does this imply/do?

While less of an issue, it would be nice if those variable that are located inside a folder were somehow distinguished to be so. While including the folder name along with the variable name would be explicit (such as Test/Test1 or similar), I suppose there might be other ways to highlight that a variable is in a folder and what that folder’s name is. And given that folders can contain other folders, doing things this way might become ungainly quickly.

I say the above is less of an issue because it appears to me that folders do NOT create new namespaces for global variable names. Folders seem simply to provide some degree of “organization” within the global variable lists.