Spotify Cover not working

$mi(cover)$ stopped working with Spotify yesterday. Instead of the cover, either a completely white image or the last cover of the previous media player (e.g. YouTube) is displayed.

Strangely enough, the cover is still displayed correctly in the editor.

The same happens to me. Also on a widget weather, the weather icons (PNG images) won’t show, since… Yesterday or some few days ago.

I think some recent update to KWGT might 've triggered this error so I hope it will be fixed soon. Don’t mess with your widgets, as it’s probably an issue with KWGT itself… My preview also shows the Spotify album cover but then it’s blank on the homescreen

I had something similar happen, it was an issue with the size of the object for the image, below a certain size and that would happen.

If it’s the same issue you can use an image object and set the sizing to “fit width” and it should fix it.

Are you using version 3.75?

Yes, I have version v3.75. I think it was a problem with Spotify, which has already been fixed. Everything has been working again for two days.

Spotify is doing strange things with covers, i had to modify things to make it work since they removed support for local covers at some point a few weeks ago, now they are removing remote covers and putting them back, this is frustrating. I will go back to standard implementation in next version 3.76 and also add some spotify specific stuff like playlist name. Stay tuned! And thanks for the feedback!

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