Spotify art cover march 2024

New Spotify v.
March 2024 Won’t display art cover anyone, or is it just me?
The $mi(cover)$ formula doesn’t return art anymore. Is there any other command known to display the cover art in the widget?

I have the same problem here

I also have the same problem. You can use the following formula which works, $ni(mi(package), bicon)$, but the image quality is terrible the larger you want it

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it’s true, but it’s not a definitive solution, because in addition to the low quality, as you said, when you close the app or dismiss the notification bar from the android media player, the album cover image disappears.

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The bin icon is def not a solution. So all we can do is wait and forget about our widgets. Sad. The worst of it is I had all my other colors’ widgets based on art cover’s vibrant/muted returns.
Darn ! :confounded:

guys, i think the problem is with the spotify app. it’s a bit unstable when it comes to album thumbnails, information about the artist and track name, music playback progress bar, even for android’s native mini media player that’s in the notification bar or on the lock screen

Yup same here lots of colors based on the cover art …

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I am working on this


It happened with the new Spotify version, wich saw the storage options moved to a separated tab. Before that I never encountered a real issue like that.

Ps. Thank you Frank, wish you could do something. To be honest my day job won’t let me spend too much effort and time on this, so your help is greatly appreciated.

This is fixed in 3.75b407209
Its available via manual download at

PS it seems like Spotify today also fixed the issue on their end so there is no really need to update as it should work without this build anyway


Man, thanks for the fix!
That was awesome.

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