Source an entire folder for images

If we want to make a slideshow currently, we have to save the images in a specific folder and rename them in consecutive numbers to use tu(rnd) to randomly pull them.

Could we have the ability to source the entire image folder and klwp will pull any/all images from that directory instead? That way you could, for instance, use $tu(rnd, 1, "camera folder path")$ to pull a random image from the camera folder every minute...

I think that you can use this option with the camera folder or the whatsapp folder or Download or others, you need to put the exact path to this folders.

You mean you want to be able to traverse subfolders?

Edit: wow, it seems I am using a very old solution that has been patched ages ago... I swear I searched for ages before I found a way to make a slideshow and yet there has been an easier way [tu(rndimg] all along.

Yeah, for instance, I have a slideshow on my homescreen. To do it I had to use the formula [/storage/emulated/0/Slideshow/$tu(rnd, 1/2, 1, 43)$.jpg] for the bitmap and rename all the images in that folder from 1 to 43.

That means if I add images to the folder I need to rename them 44+ and increase the formula's upper limit to suit.

It would be great if we had the ability to link an entire folder as the image source and it will pull images from the folder.

Eg: for bitmap name [$tu(seq, 1, /storage/emulated/0/Slideshow/$] would find the "Slideshow" folder and use the first image for a minute, then show the next for a minute, etc.

If it is too complicated to get it to work with the 'tu' function, maybe add an 'im' category and include sequence, random, daily, etc... As there seems to be the ability to detect an image's main colour, possibly even an option to choose images that share the same colour...