SmartAnalog clock Sunset sunrise not working?

I only have the standard KWGT App installed, no pro key, I only use the SmartAnalog Clock from the basic package But the sunrise und Sunset Symbols are not working, always staying at the same and the wrong place Also the symbol right at the top (should it be moon or sun) isn’t working, only showing “N/A” all the time Any help? Thanks

Can you post some screenshots of what you’re getting? Also, is it possible to get your location so we can try to reproduce your issue? This appears to be working for me.

As for the top icon, that appears to be a weather Komponent so you’re supposed to get weather icons in that area. Check if the weather is working by going to KWGT’s app settings >> Weather >> Force update

Thanks for the hint
Seems like forcing Update at the weather settings fixed the problem. Also Sunset Sunrise is at the correct position now.

That’s good to hear. I’m that worked.