Showing calendar events only if they are today.


So I started using kwgt a couple of weeks ago and I liked it so much I even bought the paid version. I started messing around with it and I created a widget that shows me the next five calendar events.

What I would like to do is for the widget to show me a calendar event only if it's today. I believe I have to use the if function somehow. Am I right? Is this even possible?

Thank you!

To show today's events only you just need to pass a date to the CI function, so, for example $ci(title, 0, a0d)$ will return title of first event today, let me explain the fields

  • Title means the title you can check the examples HERE or in the app for more fields
  • 0 means the first event, you can use "e0" for the first "non all day" event or "a0" for the first "all day" event if you want to show only one type
  • a0d is the date and it means add (a) zero (0) days (d) to current date, which means today basically. You can show yesterday by using "r1d" (so remove one day), or tomorrow using a1d (add one day), you can also add weeks (a1w) and many other fields, you can check some example of dates in the TF function description
$df(EEE dd MMM hh:mm, ci(start, 0))$-$df(hh:mm, ci(end, 0))$ $ci(title, 0)$

Hi! And thank you so much for the prompt reply.

Here is the formula that I am currently using. Where should I add a0d in order for it to show me the first event of the calendar only if it's today?

To piggy-back off the OP's question, how would I adjust the formula if I wanted to show the upcoming calendar events for the next 6 days? So, not just today and not just 6 days from now, but any event coming up today, tomorrow, the next day, and so on? Thanks in advance!

Hello, I made a widget with todays events, but is there a way to not show the events of today that ended? Thanks.