Shadow standard angle, Group status visible, Font formulas, Lists start at 1, Favorites order

These are only some small tweaks to the app…

  • Shadows set to 270° as standard, instead of always starting at 0°.
  • Groups’ hidden status visible in the editor, for example a dimmed icon.
  • Fonts addressable through formulas.
  • Lists’ first entry is 1, not 0 (explanation below).
  • Favorite formulas in a different format that JSON, so their order can be arranged.

Lists: Currently it’s often confusing, for example a list like $gv(color)§ containing entries $gv(color-1)§, $gv(color-2)§… inside the design $gv(color,0)§ is actually $gv(color-1)§, $gv(color,1)§ is actually $gv(color-2)§…

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