Set KWGT widget and load preset the scale is wrong


When I create a KWGT widget and load a preset, the Layer->Scale is set to over 100.

And that adds extra work to set the correct scale to be able to see what the preset should look.

It's looks like the scale is somewhat automatic, but the amount is way off, it's too high.

Have KLWP also installed, and the Layer->Scale is set to 100.

Have tried in KWGT set Widget Size to Locked, and Auto with the same results.

When you load a preset the first time KWGT changes the scale in order to fit the item inside the widget, this is currently the default behavior, if you set scale to 100 by default the widget might not fit the area of the one on screen

The problem is that:

Widget orientation is set to Default (Portrait), Widget Size is set to Auto.

If I choose 4x4 widget, load a preset, and the scale is set to 288.8%

For example:

SG-KWGT,, the scale is set to 288.8%

Choose 1x1, the scale is set to 121.6%, 2x2, the scale is set to 263.4%

Widget orientation is set to Default (Portrait), Widget Size is set to Locked

Same preset.

4x4, scale: 289.4%

1x1, scale: 62.5%

Have "Huawei Mate 9 Pro", and use "Nova launcher prime"

Very strange scale-settings, it's like the scale is set exponentially and not by the percent it need to stay inside the widget's area/size.

Regardless the value of scale Is the widget filling the area correctly or not?

No. The scale is too big.

I don't know if it sets the scale by using the wrong "thing"/"variable" or what I should call it. If its from the launcher, KWGT or the preset. But the scale on 4x4 should have been about 133 and not 288.

An addition to the reply.

It seems the scale depends on the size the widget has, I dont mean the 4x4, but how big the widget is set. But the scale does not folliw the size I make, it seems the be exponentially. At a certain size, the preset begins to be bigger than the widget size and the sides gets cut off.

Can you provide an example preset and a way to reproduce the issue? I will then see if its something that hopefully i can fix