Set KLCK as lock screen in MIUI global 10.3.6

I downloaded KLCK to set as a lockscreen on my Redmi Note 7. But it is completely ignored as the lockscreen when I try and set it. I've checked the permissions and set them to allow for all the ones that I can find. Does anyone know how to fix it so I can use KLCK as my lockscreen?

I just arted using KLCK and KLWP, I also have a redmi note 7 10.3.10 global and KLCK doesn't work 100% with MIUI even with every battery optimization setting turned off for KLCK and the entire phone. It seems to kill/freeze KLCK when the device is locked and wont start again until the device is unlocked/woken up which results in MIUI showing first then a few seconds later KLCK with start running again, sometimes it works perfectly and others it doesn't and if you reboot your phone MIUI lock screen always shows first until you unlock the phone.

1) Go into MIUI theme app, look at the wallpaper section and scroll down till you find the live wallpapers, download and apply one of them to your lock screen.

2) Open KLCK and apply desired preset.

EDIT: After trying a few different presets from the play store and messing with both KLCK and KLWP, after waking my screen and unlocking my phone the screen would go black and after a few seconds it would enter recovery mode and if I rebooted into system it worked until I locked and unlocked my phone again. It didn't matter if I disabled KLCK and only used KLWP or vise versa. I eventually just uninstalled nova launcher and all Kustom apps and haven't had a problem since. I might wait till Xiaomi says anything about the release for android 10, maybe they will rework MIUI so we can customize our NON-APPLE devices but I doubt they will, seems like the apple of Android.