sell preset


how do I sell my own preset at google playstore?


You need to create an APK and then a developer account, for the APK you can check this page for more details:

Thanks for your fast reply. I already try it and all works file accept font. How do i embed custom font inside the preset/apk?.



Hope can hear from you soon

Hi Shah, the fonts are embedded inside the presets, so if you use custom fonts in a preset fonts will be exported with it. If you want to also distribute fonts OUTSIDE of the presets then you need to use a different approach (a dashboard like POLAR for example)

This is my preset. As you can see I used different font from kustom preinstalled font that I copied into the kustom>font folder. when I want to compile the preset to apk file, the font that I use is not copied/embed into the apk.

how do I embed the font into the apk file?

You do not have to copy any font, you just need to EXPORT the widget, then save the widget in the widgets folder inside the assets/widgets/ directory and then you are done.