Scaling issue

I believe there’s a fundamental issue with the scaling and retention of the proportions of the widgets in KWGT:

  1. As soon as you attempt to resize the widget, problems of scaling start: For example, create a 1by1 widget. Save it. Go onto the phone screen and increase the widget size horizontally and vertically. Come back to the original size. And suddenly the widget shrinks. Attempt to go to the KWGT and , more often than not, the widget is oversized-not proportionally scaled to adapt to the new given space.
    All scale parameters remain at 100.
  2. Reload the phone. And widgets are not displaying correctly.
  3. I have tried Lock and Automatically resize options with no consistent luck.

Am I doing something wrong, or it has been always like this? Please note that no scaling issues ever happen with widgets created by app developers.
Many thanks, Dainius