Rotate Animation Image Cirumference

How do you edit the circumference of an image rotating without having to edit the image itself? I have an image that I want to rotate in a circular pattern which is working. The issue is that the circumference of the circle that the image is rotating is entirely based on the image size itself and I have to make the image very small in order to have it rotate in a small circle. Is there a way to edit the circumference of the circle in which the image rotates without having to make the image so small?

I don't understand well what are you making, maybe if you put a video,here or in your Google drive I can help you.

If you mean that the item you want to rotate describe a circular elipse in your screen, you can put an overlap group, inside a circle with the dimension of the circle to describe, put your circular image and move it to the top of the circle and make a rotate animation, with this your image are going to describe the circumference that you want

How do you put an overlap group inside a circle? Unless you make the circle an image inside an overlap group and then put the image I want to rotate inside that overlap group?

Yes, maybe I'm not very clear😁 put the circle and the image inside the overlap group, first the circle (a transparent one), the Overlap group are going to rotate with the first item(the circle)

Like I said you can move the image to the top of the circle, this are going to make the image rotate in the circumference of the circle. Save the preset and go to the screen because are cases that you can't see the real animation in the editor.

Right, but then I have to rotate the image separately from the circle. So the image has to rotate twice. It has to rotate where the axis is in the center. But it also has to rotate where the axis is top right. Two axis rotations for one image.

To be honest geometry is not one of my strenghts, if you can put a video of how is working your image now and what is your problem, maybe I can help you best.

If what you want is translation and rotation like a planet, maybe we can make something.