Reseted automate variables

I use 2 KWGT widgets, which display 2 different variables from automate (similar to tasker). But when one widget receives a broadcast from automate, it works fine, then they are both reseted to a null value after a few seconds. How does KWGT refreshes variables coming from broadcast?

KWGT should cache variables so those should never be cleared, are you super sure that there is no broadcast been sent with an empty value?

Thanks for your answer. I checked in the broadcast.json file of KWGT, and it seems that some broadcasts are not received, if I look at the time of update. But I still wonder why the widget displays the good value for a few seconds, and then reset to an old value.

If you send me a full logcat i can check, but i double checked and i am not able to reproduce this issue

Thanks how can I send you a file?