Reordering globals inside folders is broken

Globals seem to be stored as a flat list instead of a tree structure, and within that list last added global is on the bottom. Reproduction steps:

  1. Create folder A
  2. Add globals 1 and 2 to folder A
  3. Go up from the folder and add globals 3 and 4
  4. Return to A and add global 5

This sets up the order in the list as A/1, A/2, 3, 4, A/5

Now select 5 in the A folder and press “move up” once - the item will visually move, but if you exit the folder and enter it again, the order will remain the same (the list is now A/1, A/2, 3, A/5, 4). Select it again and press “move up” twice, now when you exit the folder and return 5 should be above 2 (A/1, A/5, A/2, 3, 4).

item ordered same as when they created. include folder or sub folder, they shortered in same place with global variable.
so you need reorder to specific place, back and reoreder again.

e.g. if you create by this sort :
1.fldr (folder in root)
2.txt (item in root)
3.fldr/img (an image in folder fldr)
4.txt2 (item in root)
5.txt3 (item in root)
6.fldr/img2( the second img in folder fldr)

so in fldr folder there are only 2 items, but img2 is still in sixth place, and you need to sort it 5x by opening & closing folders (hard progress).

or you can use text editor via copy global variable or in variables folder.*

*note :

  • when your copy folder variable, it not including item inside the folder.
  • when you paste items from a folder into a global variable, they will not be displayed in the global variable but in their original folder (if any), and vice versa also applies to the global variable to the variable folder.

For more details, you will find how JSON works in a kustom app when you practice it.

I understand what is happening, I described it in the original post in the reproduction steps, this is an issue that should be fixed because it is counter-intuitive and desyncs the UI from the actual data underneath, that’s why I’m reporting it.