Refreshing widget

In view of the many questions about refreshing widgets, what do you think of a Kustom action to refresh the entire widget on demand? This consumes less battery than shortening the refresh timer (obviously if you don't abuse it)

Thete are already 3 Force Upfaye options under the Kustom Action touch option.

I would prefer to have an object to press to update just the information that object was part of in the group or preset than firing them all off whether needed or not.

Saying that, you can always add multiple touch actions to one object.

I can't see anything outside those you would need to refresh with a button.

How do you update si(wpcolor1) when wallpaper changes? Wich kwgt action do you use for that?

Ah, sorry. Strictly a WGT guy here but did see a video on complrx progress that eben worked here for si() based info and the widgets don't generaly like even having second hands.

There was anothere about dynamically blurring the paper on transition between homescreens.

I am guessing I am way off on both though.

If there is a system value that supplies the overall background colour of the wp it should never be a timed or manual update, but forced on wp change.

If I am talking tosh it will only help others with similar questions.

Ok, just tested this in KWGT.

Created a widget with a single text element set to: $si(wpcolor1)$.

On every wp chamge it updated immediately that the change was complete.

I have a Note10 with Nova as my launcher

Also, good to know that info is there.

I wonder what is different about how your wp was changing? Mine was manual, is yours a sideshow or similar?

Note 10 plus, Nova launcher, WP manual change and the widget background color depending on Wallpaper. The si() function in a formula this kind: $ ce(si(wpcolor1),alpha,50)$.(wpcolor1 and 50 as globals) the update is depending of the refreshing rate choosed in Kwgt settings. and somethimes I have to edit and save the widget to have the result.

Mime's also a plus

Set widget background to: $ ce(si(wpcolor1),alpha,gv(al))$

Instant bg change with wp.

KWGT version: 3.62

my formula is :


Background changes according to refreshing rate in settings., but not instantly.

ps: mycolor is extracted from a text file( ex "B130" B for black text,1 for Backgroud color, 30 for alpha and so on), among other data, to share globals between all my other widgets.

Getting beyomd me but I'm wondering if adding a button to force RSS/Text/XML might do the trick

I did that already. Does not help.

Anyway this is not that important. I can deal without. I was just making a suggestion.

Thanks a lot for your time. Have a nice day