Recently bought pro

I tried the free app and made a simple design which worked fine so I thought to buy the pro version to unlock really cool and well done ones. Once purchased I tried to use and it did not work. I have tried everything under the sun to get it to work but it still won't. I want my money back.

I think that you need to email Frank Monza to his email(I think that is in the app) to ask for refund.

But what is your problem?

If you can explain,maybe is possible to help you. Your phone? Your OS, nougat, oreo? and what is the problem that you have.👍

I have a P20 pro with emui 8.1 running 8.1 Android and the screens just don't work with Nova launcher

In Huawei with emui you need to enable in settings(I don't know if is in the launcher or the settings of the phone) the live wallpaper, to scroll the pages in Klwp. You can search here or in G+ Kustom Official page, you have the explanation on how to enable this. This is not a problem with Klwp, this is only this settings.You can search in Google too if you don't find this here, on how to enable Live Wallpapers in Emui.

If you are not able to scroll this is an issue of Huawei and Xiaomi, the solution is the following:

  1. Return to EMUI /MIUI Launcher if its not your Launcher already
  2. Set a wallpaper (any photo will do), and in the bottom right it has the option of scrolling wallpaper, select that option.
  3. Change back to your Launcher of choice and KLWP, scrolling should now work

G+ page? Really? Didn’t G+ close 5 years ago?

Hi Kylde, elbolchedelaquintaavenida here, this post is from november 2018, 5 years ago, the good old days!!:grin::joy::ok_hand:

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Ha, I’d forgotten frank was moving older content over to here :slight_smile:

I didn’t know either.:ok_hand:

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