Random Wallpaper formula not working

I have an album in my DCIM folder that I have an image component pointing to for randomly selecting images for wallpaper.

$tu(rndimg, .5, “/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Album”)$

This has worked for the past year. I woke up today and suddenly it’s not working. I’ve changed absolutely nothing in KLWP or in my files. I don’t even know what to attempt to do to fix this haha.

Kustom has no direct access to folders anymore, that won’t work out of the box. You can use FLOWS to achieve the same, please follow the tutorial here: Get a random image on click | Kustom HQ

Instead of triggering “on click” use a cron trigger and set it to “*/5, * * * *” this will trigger the image reload every 5 minutes

I have a text global with this

It works pics change, but my klwp editor is still stalling and crashing… 3.73 version pixel

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