Quote of the Day don't update daily

The Quote of the day only updates if i open that widget on kwgt and then save. Why doesn't refresh by himself?

If its not updating it means that the server is not correctly handling cache responses. You should try to add to the URL a random parameter to force that like "http://asdasd/quote?foo=$df(hh)$", by adding "?foo=$(hh)$" the URL will be called with a parameter that changes every hour so chaching will be avoided. If you give me the URL you are using now i can check if its possible.

URL used:

$wg("api.theysaidso.com/qod.xml", xml, "//quote")$

Ok, just use

$wg("api.theysaidso.com/qod.xml?refresh=" + df(hh), xml, "//quote")$

This will basically force an update every 1 hour

Thanks mate really thanks, will apply that.

Is there a way to auto refresh rss feeds as well? Or will it only work for xml? Thanks in advance…

You can apply the same idea to any url, so if RSS is not updating due to server returning a strict caching header just add a fake param like ?foo=$df(HH)$ to update hourly

Thank you, I’ll do that as soon as I get a chance…

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