Question about wf functions

Im trying to confirm if I get this right…

We have the function:

wf(type, day, hours)

So when I type for example the code:

wf(rainc, 0)

Ill get the possibility of raining for today, the whole day. So, basically its the “daily” prediction.

If I type the code:

wf(rainc, 0, 0)

Ill get the possibility of raining pulled from the hourly forecast, so basically this is possibility of raining for the present hour.

Are my assumptions correct?

Well NOW is a fine time to ask, after releasing your komponent :rofl: . . . I’m just kidding. In answer to your question, yes, but there are some exceptions. I’ve found that some ‘forecasts’ for right now, the current time, don’t seem to work and I need to use wi instead of wf.

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lol yeah well it was just an icon anyway.

And yeah I noticed too that sometimes the providers dont fully respect the wf - wi distinction. For example, Im convinced accuweather’s wi wind direction seems to always be 0, while using wf seems to be more accurate for the present time although it “should” be a forecast, not the real state.

That’s strange. I always get a degree result using $wi(wdir)$ with AccuWeather on my weather screen and I don’t think I’ve ever seen 0.

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Hear you, perhaps I need to check more times and observe the results, maybe it just happened to be 0 during the times I checked.
Thanks for the feedback. Im just trying to figure out by trial and error which parameters for “now” behave well with wi functions and which ones with wf - although I understand that typically, for current weather data I need to use wi, not wf

Edit to add:.hmmmm, maybe if wind speed is 0, then there is no actual direction, so it goes null - 0 anyway? Ill check