Question about flows and screen update

I have noticed in one of my ( rather complex ) widgets that when I tap on a button that executes a flow which in turn changes what is displayed on the widget that sometimes this presents a large lag - up to 10 seconds. Since the flow doesnt take that much time to be executed, Im beginning to think whether this is simply a case of the widget simply not updating the screen.
So, my question is: is there any way to force kwgt into updating the widget via a flow or touch action?

There is action for force text update in touch actions panel. touch panel action → kustom action → mode → force RSS/Text/XML Update.
I think there is unexplained difference between wg and flow if you’re asking about data fetch from internet. you can while use the wg function but I’m not sure of how often it is updated(might be based on widget update mode) but i always include force update element that refreshes element for wg function, however flow might be limited to execution time of android which is to say wither be by hardware which i don’t think is case but it might be by software.

Thing is Im not fetching data with wg. I only change what is displayed by changing globals.

Specifically, Im changing weather data - from what I have gathered however weather data are fetched and stored all at once - I mean if I display current weather data and then I choose to display tomorrow’s weather data there is no request from the provider, the data are already stored from the latest weather provider update and they are just displayed. So, why the lag?

I have an error loading presets, I go to open up the editor and change the design and I press “load presets” on the menu and all my widget apps I downloaded are not there any more and on the editor a tiny box pops up which is too small to edit my widget in and I can’t make it bigger do you know what I need to do?