Put Google Sheets Value into Widget

I’d like to put individual values from a Google Sheets page in my account into an Android widget or widgets.

Alternately, I could settle for putting a Google Sheets chart published to a URL into a widget.

In either case, I don’t want a shortcut/popup that then loads Google Sheets or a browser. Rather, I want the actual information in a widget that is already at a size and location I determine.

I used to use Widgery, but their app seems to have been abandoned. I’ve also tried Widgetify, but it’s tortuous to configure.

I’m new to this so thought I’d ask all the experts here.

The suggestions from this Reddit thread may help. Using Tasker seems to be a good way to do this. If you can get the data to Tasker, you should be able to push it to KWGT.


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