Put a HTML as BG

Hey Everyone, I’m the developer of Only Boxes for KLWP, Lucid For KLWP and Prism for KLWP, I invented the settings within the globals, in presets, without having to go through KLWP to change parameters, but i trying to do something, but im not sure if i can do it, i trying to put this Wallpaper to BG in KLWP, but i cant find anything about it.

This is not possible, unless you create a similar effect within KLWP itself using shapes you won’t achieve this, even if Kustom would allow to display html pages at some point it won’t do animations anyway as this would become too much resource heavy. Looking quickly at the page you sent it seems like this is a set of gradients with overlay boxes of varying dimensions with gradient inside and some mask. It seems like this could be possible with KLWP and shapes but off course it would require some work as its not easy.

Trying to create animated blends and gradients in KLWP uses a lot of cpu cycles, at least when I’ve tried it. However I think you can possibly achieve sort of what you’re looking for if you use a gif. If you can find or create the image you want (the less detailed the gradient and blends the smaller you can make the file) and insert an Animated Image at the base level of your project. For technical reasons it seems we can only use a gif at the basic or top level, not even inside an overlap group. The gif can be scaled but you can’t change the proportions. You can move it in front or behind other elements by changing the position on your list, and opacity with formulas or switches, so it may fit your needs.

Just my two cents if it helps.

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