Profile switch

Can anyone help me a widget for switching profile from general (sound) to vibration mode to silent profile. If there is any app available also please suggest me.

KWGT actually has a built sound control in its Touch function. Just add a Touch function >> Set action to Change Volume.

Ok but I need it to be like button when I press on button or touch it should switch between profile with change of icon to vibration or silent or volume. Same like font weather it should show present volume profile in text formula we have si(ringer), but it should be work for icon to show icons and also when ever I touch action should switch between ringer profiles

To change icons, you can use the output of $si(ringer)$ in an IF statement.

Can you help me how to do it please

You can try the following:

  1. Add a FontIcon
  2. Pick “Material” for its Set
  3. Add a Formula to its Icon attribute
  4. Add something like this:
    $if(si(ringer)=NORMAL, Volume_up, si(ringer)=SILENT, Volume_off, si(ringer)=VIBRATE, Vibration)$

I hope that helps.

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Thanks it works, but you told me about touch action to change profile, I tried touch action to change volume->ringer in that section I can’t toggle to switch from mute to general general to mute. I have tried all types modes but I couldn’t set to switch on touch action. It worked only to switch from general to mute but not in mute general. Or else it only decreases the ringer volume to 0 but not setting to mute even I tried all option (media,ringer,alarm) but it is not switching. Can you help me

Please help me this touch function. I can’t switch from silent to sound or any other switch it simply lower the volume once but it is not working toggle type

Were you able to try the “Change volume” action already?

Yes, I have tried as said earlier to use change volume touch action. I want it to toggle switch as it cannot switch from vibration or silent to general it simply lower the ringer volume even I have used ALL in the mode and this effects in volume like if I touch it lower the volume of ringer to 0 and as I have used toggle so if I touch again it goes to 5 or 10% above the volume. But I need to implement whenever I touch it should on either vibration or silent mode and whenever I touch again it should go to general or sound profile where my volume will get back to normal position. I have tried audio to all as if I select media or ringer it only volume to 0 so I tried all even though it only lower the ringer to 0 only rather other should go to 0 and also not activating vibration or silent mode even I toggle silent on or off though not working.

Got it. I tested this and I’m able to reproduce your issue. May I have the make and model of your device and the Android version that it’s on?

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G, Android 14

Thank you. I already informed Frank about this.

Yeah, Thank You. Just waiting for the update.

Any update?? Just waiting for your reply.

I’m afraid there’s no update yet.

Just waiting for the reply. :sleepy::sleepy:

Is this is an bug or anything else, just waiting for the update. Thanks and also in advance for support and replies to my issues earlier.

As far as I know, unless a bug totally breaks the app, bug fixes will be released in batches. Getting an update approval in the Play Store can take time.

Yeah let’s wait for the next release.