Probleme 3.75béta all shortcuts disappeared

Version 3.75b10511beta in my samsung s22. All my shortcuts disappeared.
Impossible to save a madel (no name appeared).
Impossible to reinstall klwp in any oldest version.

There’s been a couple of betas since that version. Try to install the latest beta from the link below instead.

Sorry, this is fixed in 3.75b405308beta
Update is available on the store


So it’s impossible to update or install any version.
I uninstall klwp and when i try to reinstall i have a message “the app is already install” even the app is not on my phone.
This problème is juste on my Galaxy s22 (no problème on my tab A9)

After version 3.75b403317, a few days ago, all touches were gone. I remade them. This morning, version 3.75b405308beta: all touches are gone (KLCK, KLWP dont know about KWGT)

(Fairphone 4, Android 13)

If you did something with 3.75b403317 that won’t work, 3.75b403317 was completely broken so whatever you saved might be corrupted unfortunately :frowning:

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