Problem loading widgets

Hi I can’t add any widgets, have the error showing in the picture. Happens with all widgets.
Xiaomi mi note 10 lite
Android 13
Derpfest rom
Kwgt version 3.73

If your ROM is rooted then this is a known bug, please download 3.74 from here: Downloads | Kustom HQ

Same error with standard Android on a Galaxy S8.

I’ve been running this for years and made my last change to my ‘favorite’ wallpaper in May 2022. Woke up earlier this week and KLWP wasn’t working. Uninstalled and deleted the Kustom dir. Reinstalled 3.73 from the Play Store and it seems to work, but I get the virtual method error trying to load a wallpaper. A couple direct from the Play Store do work. Any fixes?

You should try version 3.74 from that link Frank sent.