Presets -> Explore -> Discover new packs

The most of the packs are “… maid for older version of Android” or generate other error messages.
Must be reversed…


its play store limitation, a device can only install an app that’s targeting 2 or 3 older version of Android. which sucks because most of those developer are just giving their packs and not really maintain it.

There’s been an idea about making a kustom gallery(?) so the packs are shared independently from play store but i haven’t heard more about its development.

New version partially fix this, if you find any that are not valid anymore in 3.75 i can remove them, i cannot fix them though (you can still find the APK around for free ones, they will work just fine its just a Play Store limitation)

See here

In fact I’m not happy with this. And cant save files with zip so I’m losing all the work :pensive:

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