Portrait/Landscape question

Hey there,

I'm wondering if there's a way (or an app you know of) to auto switch from klwp to a plain wallpaper background on landscape rotation. I always mount my phone horizontally (landscape) in my car and when in my hand, it's vertical (portrait).

Most (if not all) of the pre-built "themes" for klwp lose functionality upon rotation and look wacky.

Is there a way around this?

Yes the rotation is not that good🤷‍♂️😁. What you can make is put over everything an overlap group like:

Overlap Group:

inside a shape with an image in Fx> texture

width 1280

height 720

and in the visibility of the Overlap group: if landscape

This are make the image visible only in landscape.

You can set a touch too to the image to fade out if you want to see some stuff in your Klwp.