Please help with kwgt

I accidentally deleted a kwgt and now I can’t get it back. I place the widget and click on it to get to customization. Then I can add items, but I can’t import a saved widget-it just gives me an empty widget. This is a disaster. I have months investe3d in muy widgets. If I get a new phone or accidentally delete one I can’t get it back.
Can anyone help-PLEASE! Thanx!

Even if you do not have pro and didn’t export widgets you should be able to restore them by:

  • Adding a new widget on screen
  • Clicking on it
  • Going in the “Backup” section and selecting your widget

If you have any other issue let me know

Phone is galaxy fold5. Android v 13.

I’ve been using this for a long time and something has changed. I thought I could change the name of the widget in the list, but no I just have widget numbers. I have very similar widgets on different pages, so I need to able to make a new one, import the other widget, rename it and then make changes. Is there a way to do that?
Are the instructions for the widget designer available?

As said I’ve been using this for a long time and I am pro. Trying to set up widgets on a new phone. I have a fold which you must not like for some reason. I used to able to set up identdical wdgets on both screen them, export them and then use them on a new phone,
Now I can’t even figure out how to import. I clkck on the widget to edit it and I just get a screen with many widgets and I don’t know whats going on.
Attached screen shots show what the widgt I want looks like and what get on the screen.

How do I get the widgets on the front screen correctly. Scaling doesn’t work. I can’t find imports after I import them. I’m dead in the water!

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