Personal folder of weather images on phone won't display on watchface

I have kode that fetches my own Personal Weather Station information (thanks to help from Brandon Craft) and most of those kode pieces (Temp, Wind, Humidity
) work on the watch.
The only thing that doesn’t seem to work on the watch is displaying my own weather icons. The icons do appear in the Editor, just not on the watch. This same kode does work flawlessly in KLWP and KLCK. Is my kode flawed specifically for KWCH or is this some bug or how can I get the images to display on my Watch?

(Z Fold 5 (Android 13/One UI 5.1.1/Nova Ver. 2023-7.0.57) - LTE 43mm GW6 Classic (5.0 Watch/R955USQU1AWI1) - KWCH (3.74b326507beta).

My kode to fetch the icon name was in my weather Komp but I also tried moving the icon path and globals to root. Still no weather icon displaying on my watch.
file:///sdcard/Kustom/watchfaces/Aeris icons/$tc(reg, gv(arisicon), ".*icon\x22:\x22(.*)\x22.*", "$1")$

I’ve also tried putting the weather image folder directly under the Kustom folder (instead of within the watchfaces folder) and they still will not display on the watch.

No weather icon on watch_20230930_010540_sysui

It’s very possibly that the file only resides on the phone and not transfered so it’s not shown. The best fix maybe put it as globals. *or maybe it won’t work since i’ve heard KWCH has size limit.

I believe that globals might work as they do currently work with one of the default weather presets. Although, there are just a handful of weather conditions & icons utilized. If that’s my only option then I might need to try it out. My own weather icons are quite small in size but there are over 20 of them. Aeris weather uses many different variations to identify different conditions and that’s where I fetch the information from…
Thank you for your reply!

In the latest beta storage permissions are not a thing, if your Kustom folder is set correctly you can just start the path on the Kustom folder and it should work

Can you please explain a little more? I’m pretty sure my path is correct as the icons do appear in my KLWP & KLCK presets using the same code. Dev, Frank is looking into this.