Persistent shrinking widget

Hi, I’ve tried sourcing help before but never had any replies. I setup a clock/calendar for my home screen which periodically ‘shrinks’ so none of the information is legible and it needs to be completely rebuilt. I have screenshots of required, and if I can add them here. I save the widget but it seems you can only save what you have and when this problem occurs all I have is the shrunken version so can’t revert to previous versions or different versions.

App v3.75
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, updated to latest software

Are you sure the widget was not resized?

Yes I’m very sure. It was in my pocket on this occasion and when I came to use it the widget has miniaturised effectively. Previous occasions it was on a desk. There’s nothing that seems to cause it. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just load an earlier version but nothing I do allows me to change it other than starting again, which is a pain.

To ensure widgets are not resizing please ensure the following:

  • Size mode in app settings are set to locked (default)
  • You resize the widget to its final fine before editing it the first time

Auto size mode also works but some launchers provide wrong data so in that case issues might happen.

P.S. are you in the beta program?

Here we go again. Widget shrinks for no reason.

I’m referring to screenshots that this forum won’t let me upload.

I’ve changed NOTHING and neither can I find what to change to reverse the problem that’s obviously occurred, again. Same thing as always, it miniatures itself. The widget itself on my home screen has not got smaller, just the clock inside this. The ‘preset’ IKW002 (bottom left in the app screenshot) is what I’ve made and was on the home screen. When I select that, the app reduces it to the size that can also be seen in the screenshots. How do I change the size of the widget in the app to get it back to where/how it was?

There isn’t anything I’m doing that causes this and it happens regularly. The only way I’ve been able to get back the clock I’ve made is by starting again and with everything I’ve put into this, which includes ‘touch’ to open apps, calendar appointments, weather settings and more, recreating this is time consuming. This should not be happening.

There are other problems that occur as well. The little lines I’ve added either side of the circled yellow date move up or down for no apparent reason, why?

I assume you’re using KWGT? Just as a far-fetched possibility, are you using any scaling animation anywhere in your design? I’ve had some very strange results occasionally with some of the animation selections in KLWP.

Here it goes again

Then these are my ‘load’ options and what they look like when I select the closest to the correct one