Parse JSON in a variable

How can we parse json that is stored in a variable? Understand WG can only parse from an URL or local file?

Specifically I would like to send multiple values between Tasker and KWGT in 1 operation in an extensible manner.

I would also love to have a JSON parser.
I tried some workarounds using data uris, but they did not work:

wg("data:application/json;charset=UTF-8,%7B%22a%22%3A%22one%22%2C%22b%22%3A%22two%22%7D", json, .a)

Best would be, if there would be a new text converter:

tc(json, '{"a": "one", "b": "two"}', .a) --> "one"

There is already one for HTML, so it would be convenient to add one for JSON.

Would be so great !

In this way, we would be able to do a WEB GET in a global variable formula (to get JSON only with one request) and be able to use it in different area of a widget, parsing JSON each time we need to target a data of this global variable.

As Frank Monza said, the "WEB GET" command keeps in cache both the response and the JSON path query (he explains that very well :

So, this simple fact provides a nice way to make my last comment useless.

My use-case is to send multiple variables from Tasker to KLWP. Using `wg` is no alternative in that case.

I would also like this. Unfortunately there isn't fine enough control over how `wg` refreshes data. It's stubborn, slow and tends to wipe the template clean before eventually updating the interface.

Moreover if you're using wg on a JSON file, the same slow, stubborn update cycle takes place.

I've managed to use Tasker to pull data and some JavaScript to sort out a loop of receiver broadcasts. This is snappy and fast! However, I'm running a loop of 15 simultaneous broadcasts because I can't just have a key-value store in KWLP. This is much harder on Tasker than it needs to be!