Over Forty Watchfaces in One KWCH Preset!

Just want to inform you all that I’ve configured: 1) 40 watchfaces; 2) many other overlap groups configured with alot of elements; 3) over 100 globals (a few with many formulas)… all in one preset.

A little lag in touch responses but it’s acceptable. Also, obviously, with so many elements, saving and export of the preset takes more time but that’s acceptable, too.

I’m unable to share the preset, but just want to let you know how much you can configure with KWCH over some of the other watchface applications that would run extremely slow with this much configuration.

Now, only if I can program KWCH to turn On and Off random watch global switches at random times of day. Currently the 40 watchface global switches are named ‘watch1, watch2,…watch40’.

Way to go Kustom team for producing this app!