Option to set fps for animation

Hello. I'd like to ask if it's possible to add an option in the settings to change default fps of animations of the wallpaper.

If default value is 30 fps, maybe one can be willing to set it to 10 or 5 to reduce the impact on the cpu of a wallpaper with loop animations.

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Right now Kustom works at 50 fps, i can definitely make that configurable, thanks for the suggestion


A lot of newer phones have 90 and 120 hz refresh rates. Would be nice if KLWP could keep pace instead of being locked to 50. Is this something that could be incorporated as well?

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KLWP has a refresh setting that can be set to SLOW 25ms (40 FPS), DEFAULT 10ms (100 FPS) and FAST 5ms (200) FPS, it should not be locked to 50 or do 50 anywhere, how did you get that number?


Looks like this idea topic was necrobumped from 2009, that’s probably how they had that misconception. (Maybe archive or lock super old threads? Idk)

Really enjoy your apps! :+1:

Thanks, i guess there was an issue importing from the old forum :slight_smile:

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