Option to change screen ratio inside the editor

It could be super handy to adapt presets for all resolutions on the phone without needing to use emulators on pc.

Yes! Please and thank you.... :)

I think you can. If you add a formula to the main layer one to the height and one to the width then add the code : $si(rheigth)$ and $si(rwidth)$ this vwill automatically make it your phone's resolution and you can even further adjust the resolution by adding a numerical value at the end like so ; $si(rwidth)2$ or even .5 ect. If this isn't what you meant then sorry : \

You can't apply that solution to the whole preset, especially when it has a lot of complex elements, with different anchors, position and animations. Changing the screen ratio inside the editor would make it a lot easier.

Oh I see what your saying, I thought you were referring to the resolution of the background image. My mistake sorry about that. By the way that would be really helpful, I threw down some votes :|

Available since 3.34

Coming soon eh?

Apologies not quite understanding.

Latest release v3.32 with no beta.


Great news!