One License App To Rule Them All

I have long used the wallpaper app and bought the pro license app. I have also wanted to use (at least) the widget and lock screen (because the wall paper app doesn’t seem to work as expected as a lock screen on my phone) apps as well. But:

(a) I am dis-inclined to have so many apps on the phone - along with their license apps as well.
(b) It would be easier for me to do if there was some form of “total” license that costs more than an individual app license but is still discounted from the price of paying full for all of them.

Many other app developers do this sort of thing. For example, 3C’s All In One app or joaoapps’ AutoApps are both outstanding sets of apps that offer multiple licenses at a discount to users.

I know there are AOSP versions of these apps. But they are constrained with ads, etc. So I really do not want to go there. And I would like to continue to support Kustom.

Just an idea…

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