Not showing my background in the KLWP app

When I open the app, it's not showing my background/items. It's weird, because the wallpaper is on my phone, but the app acts like it's not. It also says "ITEMS 2/92" as if it has all of my stuff, but it's not showing them (see pic). This used to happen occasionally, but I could close the app and/or restart my phone and everything would be fine. Now it's not fixing itself sos 😭

Some users report this problem sporadically, if you want you can post a bug report to the developer.

But is there a way to fix it?? I don't want to start over. I honestly don't even think I could if I wanted to 😭

You can try to go to your saved steps in the round arrow of the editor and see if loading one of them you recover your work, here you have 10 points of saved steps.

If you have the preset exported, probably you can load it.

I don't have this problem, but I think that this are the options that you have to recover your work, if you don't have the preset exported, I recommend you to make it every step you have an important part of your work finished.

I tried the saved steps, but it still showed the basic screen above, even if the saved step was before it happened. I do have an exported preset, but I was in the middle of working on something that wasn't exported. This happens so randomly that I really can't know when to export. In this particular instance, I saved my wallpaper, minimized KLWP so I can check it, then opened the app up again and it was gone. So unless I constantly export every time I save, this can't really be avoided... This has happened before, but never long term. It's been 19 days and I keep periodically checking the app to see if my wallpaper is back, but it's not. It's weird that it still shows that I have items, but the items don't actually appear on the screen.

How do I do that? I thought my post here was me reporting a bug...

Maybe you can send the bug report with your problem to the developer, here you have a guide