No results on installed widget

I installed some widget and it already showed no result when i clicked on them in the installed widget tab

Please help me fix this, i already on pro

Or i'll refund

Hi Tobi! This issue usually happens when some optimization app is trying to block the skin packages to provide files to Kustom, to fix this you need to whitelist the skin packs from any of those apps.

For example Purify and Greenify are known to cause this issue and you need to specifically disable what they call "deep hibernation" to solve this. On Samsung the tool called Smart Management has also been reported to cause problems. If none of this work for you i will probably need more info.

I'm affraid that's not the issue

Some update, when i try to install some non pro widget pack, i actually can see the widgets now

But not with the pro widget pack

Why, i don't really get this

  • Another update, so i just found out that the only widget app that i can see in my list is actually just the ocea widget pack...somehow
  • But then i try to reinstall the ocea widget pack, and it shows no results again
  • I'm really confused right now

And i installed ocea again and then i can see ocea in my widget list again..

But not with other widget pack

Not pro, not free pack

All pack is no result, except the ocea widget pack

There must be something wrong with your device, i will need a full bug report. Will send instructions via email.

Ok, heres my email

[email protected]

Hi I'm having the same issue with the pro widgets :( any updates? Thanks

THis is not about "pro" or non "pro" this issue affects ONLY the widget packs that are not based on a dashboard (like OCEA), so every pack that has no icon in your launcher is affected, this is due to the fact that optimization apps will basically block any app that has no launcher activity to export data.