Night icon

The night icon option in the weather Komponent doesn't work

It looks like builtin font based icons have a bug, will check that

I'm having a similar issue, using the weather Komponent that came with PixBit (an icon pack).

Please let me know if I might be doing something wrong. I'm new at this.

I think that you totally forgot to implement night icons in the script editor of the Komponent. An easy fix.

Sorry, but I don't know about any script editor. Is that the komponent.json file? By the way, I'm using KWGT Pro and I haven't messed with KLWP yet. I'm also not familiar with coding of any sort, so kindly lower your expectations. :p

I've tried three different weather komponents – one of which I compiled myself using the example .komp file in the XDA Kustom Komponents thread, following Brandon Craft's Weather Komponent Creation Tutorial for KLWP step-by-step. The nightico toggle hasn't worked for any of them. To be clear, all of these komponents switch between day and night just fine, but I haven't been able to disable that.

I somehow doubt you were referring to the .json file when you said script editor, but here's a screenshot of what looks to me like the relevant part.

Any idea on this bug?

@Frank: any updates on this topic? NightIco doesn't work as well

NightIco doesn't work for me either (in components).

Forcast Icons are show as day or night variant depending on the current time...

Any update on this?

The issue is with the code used to select the fonticon itself. Currently it checks for ai(isday) but never checks the state of gv(nightico).


Here's the corrected code if you want to implement it for the built-in komponents.

$if(gv(icon) = CLEAR, if(ai(isday)=0 & gv(NightIco)=1, Moon2, Sun3))$
$if(gv(icon) = MCLOUDY, Cloudy4)$
$if(gv(icon) = PCLOUDY, if(ai(isday)=0 & gv(NightIco)=1, Cloudy4, Cloud3))$
$if(gv(icon) = WINDY, Windy4)$
$if(gv(icon) = FOG, if(ai(isday)=0 & gv(NightIco)=1, Fognight, Fogday))$
$if(gv(icon) = HAIL, Snowshower2)$
$if(gv(icon) = SNOW, Snowy5)$
$if(gv(icon) = LSNOW, Snowy4)$
$if(gv(icon) = SLEET, Snowshower2)$
$if(gv(icon) = RAIN, Rainy3)$
$if(gv(icon) = SHOWER, Rainy4)$
$if(gv(icon) = TSHOWER, Lightning5)$
$if(gv(icon) = TSTORM, Lightning4)$
$if(gv(icon) = TORNADO, Tornado)$
$if(gv(icon) = UNKNOWN, None)$