Newest update drains watch battery faster

After the latest version update on both watch and phone it seems the watch face is drawing the battery much faster. When switching to native watch face the battery consumption is back to normal. For me the average battery consumption is around 1% for each 15 minutes and now it’s is close to 1% every 5 minutes.
Also, after the last update the phone app has issues with starting up. I’m getting a black screen. After a few tries it will eventually fire up

I might need some additional logs here, can you check and send everything to [email protected] ? Regarding battery usage you have anything with Tasker or set global sync to always? This might cause unnecessary syncs between phone and watch

Recently I posted an issue regarding watch not showing the right time and I was recommended to switch the global syne to always.
I had the same setting for quite a while and the battery usage was okay. It deteriorated in the last few days. I will send the logs

Update march 23, 2024–> After setting Global Sync and Data Sync to Never yesterday, this morning my watch was at 53% (like it used to be, the 50%+ range).
I have not tested using just one setting at always and the other at never so I cannot confirm if the battery drain is from using both or either of the settings as Always or not.

I don’t know the exact percentage of battery loss but every morning I’m usually between 50%-60%. Past couple of mornings I’ve been in the 20% range.
I too turned on Global Sync to Always and Data Sync to Always too. I didn’t even know these settings existed so I’m setting both back to Never since my KWCH/KWEAR Preset was doing OK with the previous version. Only changed these two settings when using the latest versions (as noted below).
Using these Current versions:
KWCH 3.75B408115
Kwear 0.01b408115

Thanks for the update, when you set Global Sync to ALWAYS the phone will ALWAYS sync the preset on the watch whenever a global on the phone changes, this is useful ONLY if you have for example a watch with no internet and a complex flow that requires a connection that sets a global for example

Thank you for the explanation.
Are both settings dependent upon the Network Refresh frequency setting?

No these are not dependant, if you refresh content this will be synced anyway

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