New "pro" and reversion problems with KWGT

One to two weeks ago, KWGT started acting up.

First, every time I restart my phone, all widgets (almost 3 dozen) revert to "Click to setup or long press to resize". And sometimes it even happens without restarting my phone. When I click to setup each widget, my widget is there, and all I need to do to restore it is click Back, then Save, then Back. But when this happens, I have to do that for every one of my 3 dozen widgets.

Second, when I edit a widget, I get a message saying something like "Thanks for going Pro. All features are now available." But ads still appear, and all features are not available. For example, I can't select the dark theme.

Do you have any ideas about how to fix this?

Update: I found that uninstalling KWGT then reinstalling fixed this. But now, a few days later, all problems are back--all widgets revert to "Click to setup..." every few minutes, and my Pro key is not recognized. What is going on? What could possibly be happening every few minutes that would cause KWGT to revert every single widget?