New Battery and Weather Widgets

New Widgets. There are two Weather Widgets. One shows Temp Info while the other show Temp Forecasts based on interval you can set in Globals. Almost all values I have set in Globals so that you can change easily.

The Battery Graph shows battery level history based on interval you can set. There are buttons in the bottom half (invincible) by which you can easily change the interval.

Please check and post your opinions!

Github: GitHub - rjwarrier/KWGT-Widgets
(Check the Folders for new Widgets)


Wow man these are super cool and also nice you are sharing them on GitHub!


Thank you for sharing it.

Added V2 of the Widget where the color of the graph changes during Night Hours… Here you can see that during night hours, the graph changes to a darker red color.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-04 at 17.25.25_c921ea1b

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This will look great on my Nothing phone. :slight_smile:

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