Need to know timezone or GMT time via formula

I'm making a "news" widget and I need to know the GTM time cause Feed RSS give pubDate time in that format. I want to show date of publication near the news in current timezone or the time passed from the publication. I know a solution is to set the timezone preference in location to GMT but this is too complicated and annoyng to do for users beacouse I'll sell this widget into my pack. I need an automatic metod to put into a formula indipendet to preference. I tried also to search a xml feed to retrive Universal time but didn't find it.

Thank you

This was not possible until 3.25 which will be out in the next weeks, right now df(Z) returns the offset but its not really usable since its in the format "HHmm" i have changed this behavior (hope not breaking anything) in next version so df(Z) will return offset in seconds to UTC, means you will be able to do this $df(HH:MM, date + df(Z))$ to get your time from UTC, so, if you are using RSS it will be something like

$df("hh:mma", wg("", rss, date) + df(Z))$

Please be aware that this will NOT work until 3.25 is out, just in case someone stumbles here and was using the old behavior you will still be able to get that using $df(HHMM, df(Z))$.

Oh! I didn't know about df(Z)!

With tc() and tf() (and some variables) I can get what I need.

But, anyway thank you for convert df(Z) to seconds,it will make thing simple. When new release come out I'll update my formulas.

Yeah df(Z) right now is not very useful, new release should be out in a couple of weeks is currently in beta


Now in Italy +2h to GMT

$df(Z))$ --> 7200 (seconds, right)

$df(HH, df(Z))$ --> 03 (hours, wrong)

A question:

When you say $df(HH:MM, date + df(Z))$ which format should have "date"? For example '1955y11M12d22h04m00s' format doesn't work.

df() formats absolute dates if you need to format relative times, like seconds you need tf, so $tf(df(Z), HH)$ will correctly write "2"