Need help with integrating flashlight widget in KLCK lock screen


This is literally my first time creating a Kustom lock screen, but I’m learning something new every moment I play around with it. Currently I’m trying to recreate the Nothing OS 2.0 lock screen with the widgets and all and so far so good. But I’ve hit a roadblock or two.

One of the widgets I’ve placed in my Kustom lock screen is the flashlight button. I would like to somehow get the flashlight to turn on, on pressing the widget. Is this possible? And if yes, is there a way to make the color of the widget change when switching on and off (i. e., when it’s OFF, it should be red and when it’s ON, it should be white)? And is there a way to launch the camera app from the lock screen from a similar widget, just like how you open the camera app from the lock screen with no KLCK?

I’ll post a screenshot of my work soon :))

Thanks in advance

I’m afraid KWGT does not currently have access to a function that does this natively. You can use a 3rd party solution like Tsker or installing 3rd party apps that offer shortcuts you can access in KWGT that turn on/off the flashlight.

I got it done through MacroDroid, but thanks for your help!

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