Need help locating open app drawer command using Action launcher not Nova

Hello, in klwp I'm having a little bit of trouble trying to find the command to launch the app drawer via icon press. I am using the Action Launcher, I cannot find the open app drawer or all apps command in the " Touch" options. It's not in launch activities or launch shortcut drop down menus. I know that there is this command for Nova Launcher. Is this possible with the Action Launcher? Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

You should check with Action launcher support, if its not showing in the list of shortcuts or actions its not something i can fix / change

I agree. Nothing there to do so. Would love to have it as an option. Emailed a week ago and have yet to hear back from dev of AL :-(

Ok thanks for responding Frank I'll email Action launchers devs see what they say if they do respond. I'll let you know if they do.

Emailed them mo ths ago and again just now. It's not like it's difficult to add but they keep pussy footing around and not doing it. It's not like it's going to alter the appearance of the launcher in any way and in fact it could help gain more users because of the additions of at least and after or activity for crying in the night. But who knows I've emailed them several times for minor little tweaks and they didn't even have widget padding until a few months ago and I didn't requesting it for a couple years and that's another thing that's very simple to add and is a very basic thing for every launcher to have like scaled icons for instance but it took them forever to get it done so they they kind of suck like that but the launcher is awesome. They don't want it looking like Nova and all that which I understand but none of my requests have been visual whatsoever and they've been very simple ones but it takes forever to even get a reply if you ever do even so their tech support is pretty shity

Good luck...I emailed them for a year before getting widget padding and it's still not right but better than it was....