Need a Search function when choosing apps

It would be so much eaiser when choosing what app I want to open after touching something if i could search for the app im looking for instead of scrolling through the 1,000 apps I have on my device!! It takes be AGES to set my apps section up and alot of the time i get frustrated and just give up on it all together! I cant remember when the last time i had a completely functional app drawer on one of my wallpapers!


Wouldn’t that have to be part of the Android OS though? (something I’ve been hoping for for years. That, or a niagara/jina-style letter tree down the side of the app list)

Well when I open the app drawer of my Nova Launcher it has the option of a big app search bar at the top of the screen. Is that what you’re looking for? It also works for the KLWP app drawer I made.

No I use nova search to quicklaunch apps from the homescreen all the time, I’d like a system search WITHIN the system app list for when you’re assigning shortcut touches etc. This list