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Got myself a copy of the new KWCH app and pretty much lost a weekend to it :rofl:

Few things I’ve got my head round and few things I have not. One such thing is trying to use the Music Visualizer, but if I apply anything using Music Visualizer in ReactOn, I get an error poop up saying it’s missing requirements. Clicking through to enable a permission and no joy.

Any ideas? :smile:


My apologies, forgot to add device and O/S info :blush:
Samsung S9 on Android 10, stock, no root. Latest KWCH 3.74b326507beta :+1:t3:

If you’re trying to display music visualization on the watch of a music that’s playing on your phone, this may not work at the moment as KWCH on your phone needs to be manually synced with the watch.

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Was not really trying anything, just feeling my way round the app and wasting a huge amount of time doing so :rofl:

I was thinking I might be able to make an icon react to music or sounds on/from the watch, but came across a few issues in my playing around, some may be bugs, but most down to my inability to RTFM :roll_eyes: Some if not most have been covered in this forum and reddit. I guess like anything it’ll take a bit of time for the bugs to be squished :beetle: :foot:t3:

So far in my making a few faces, the visualisation problem was one I could not find a workaround for as it seems to be missing a requirement and bit above my pay grade to delve into that! Other things happening though is if I pull a face from the additional spaces and sync it to the watch (Watch 5), bits are missing or not showing. Going through the various parts then, strange things like an animation added to parts, making them vanish on the watch but visible on the phone or a filter set on fonts, making them vanish, things I know I’d not done, but were done!
Syncing then for me anyway, sometimes I’d hit sync once and wait and nothing, hit it again and watch goes nuts loading and reloading and loading and reloading…
Other times I hit sync and the toast for sync starting is leaving and complete toast instantly behind it. all more or less instant, but noting syncs.
I set up an external and internal IP part, but although it fetches the IPs, very slow to refresh manually if the network connection has changed. Similarly weather even manually is pot luck at times, but not complaining. I know fixes are in the pipeline and I don’t mind the wait :smiley:
One other thing, seeing lot of mention of what you see on phone not what you get on watch, came across this setting up a request for phone battery. I’d set it as complication data slot 1, with a title Phone, in the editor, it read Phone Monday 1%, on watch it shows Phone and proper percentage of the phone battery, weird but no biggy. slot 1 seems to default to calendar as a title, 2 is weather, 3 battery and 4 time. I’ve them set to phone battery, watch battery, week of year and steps. All appear with my titles and proper data on watch, happy days.
Fitness data comes from Google Fit, but I use Fitbit and Samsung Health , but integration with Health Connect would be a cool future addition, as I doubt it would be possible to get data from Samsung Health or FitBit without it :swimming_man:t3: :running_man:t3: :biking_man:t3: :watch: :muscle:t3:

Anyway :laughing: my apologies for the wall of text and I am not complaining, just I reckon good a time as any to let the devs know my experience so far, best fiver I’ve spent in a while :rofl:
Seriously, well worth it and I’ll be highly recommending it to my nerdy mates :nerd_face: and anyone else who wants to waste a weekend away and bring on the need for :eyeglasses: glasses :smiling_face:
Like the new forum as well, definitely nicer than reddit, but I guess it serves its purpose to :wink:
Look forward to hearing from you all in the coming weeks and if I can be of any help in implementing or testing any fixes, just say the word, cheers.

Next build that should be available today or tomorrow via manual download and as soon as Play Store allows it for Play Store download should allow you to go past that, i need however to do some additional testing to understand what is possible. What is NOT possible is to have a music visualizer on the watch for anything playing on the phone.

Feel free to retest on next, will keep this open, thanks for your report!!

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