Multicolor gradient with custom position

Right now, there’s only two ways of gradient in kustom: 1) Using fx in shapes, which limited to only 2 colors, and 2) using progress, which can be multicolored but the stops are equal (so in three colors the second will be at 50%. It’ll be nice to be able to make gradient with custom position.

UI wise maybe it can be similar like complex animation. Or, it could be just a text with some syntax like position#color in each line or something if you want to keep it simple.

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I could add a complex gradient option in the FX tab with:

  • Type: linear/sweep/radial
  • Rotation: for gradient rotation
  • Color: end color
  • Stops (or segments or steps or ???): a format like #color:position,#color:position so middle colors can be set as you said
  • Width: as it is now

Thoughts? It’s probably going to be in 3.76, 3.75 is frozen now

cool. can’t wait to see it realized. some things:

  • Why the need for separate end color field? It can be included in the stops instead.
  • i need to check again but i think width isn’t needed, if someone needs a wider color band/stops they could just add two colors in a different position.
  • i think position:#color syntax is more logical.

Just my opinion. :v:

End color ensures that there is always something at the end but yeah it’s not strictly needed, also width it’s not required but it’s probably easier with a slider…on the syntax ok will do pos:color