Morphing Text - Constant Radius (Angle)

When trying to arc the current date around a circular progress bar, I run into a problem where the length of the text affects the size of the arc. Here is what I mean.

This is what I start with:

But if the text is longer, I get this:

What I want is for it to do this:

It was suggested that I use the Justify option, but the problem is that it keeps a constant length to the text, which results in this:

I currently have an ugly solution where I use the text length to calculate the angle, but it does not work well because iiiiiiiiii takes up less room than wwwwwwwwww, so it works especially poorly on addresses.

It would be really great if there was a different field to select "arc size", or something similarly named.

I have same issues. All i really want to do is have the text follow a round line. You can fake it with selecting justify but that adds ugly spacing. Could add another mode for it if possible.

BrandonCraft has a video on this!