Mask on color/chroma key

Just wondering if kustom can add chroma key. It can be useful if we have bunch of images and want to make the background transparent, or maybe for images pulled from the internet so we can’t pre-edit the images.

You mean removing a color range from the image turning it into transparent? Isn’t better to do that directly through some sort of editor?

I have added to KLWP and KLCK the ability to remove BG, this works if the subject is well recognizable, if you have a chroma key image will work easily on others less as you can see here some of the reflection is not removed.


Marking as done. Might add this to KWGT and KWCH also next.

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Nice addition, although it’s not what I’m thinking at first. My fault for unclear wording, I’m trying to make the request more general.

In short, I want to make a duotone effect for images. Like black and white but for different colors. I can sort of achieve this by make the image black and white then add shape with filter multiply (to change white to light color) then shape with filter lighten (to change black to dark color). But this isn’t perfect as the dark color still affect the light color, so the colors sometimes come dull and you can only use color in similar hue. My thought is if we can selectively mask the black/white then I can color each separately. Although i realize maybe there’s more hole in that thought.

Anyway, thank you so much for a very quick response. I know this is a bit niche request so I’m not pushing you for anything. In the meantime, I’ll play with the new feature and see if I can get creative with that. :slight_smile:

I can also extract a mask the same way i remove the background, would this work?

that is a hole in my thought. :zipper_mouth_face:
i usually need multiple filters, so i add contrast first before using black and white to achieve more dramatic effect. So, color mask in the image won’t be usable in that case.

Maybe I’ll shelf the duotone effect for now. But hey, I’ll not oppose if you add the extra mask feature. A feature is a feature, even if it’s not used for the intended purposes :).

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