Many questions

First things first: I LOVE KUSTOM, especially KWGT. :)

I did not want to spam the board with too many questions, therefore I decided to put together all my questions into one post. I created a few widgets and ran into some things, that made me wonder.

  1. I would find it useful, if I could set the widget size (width or height) in relation to the widget size, for example "100 % widget width". Maybe I did not get the point regarding the pixel sizes in the widget definitions, but coming from CSS I would expect an option to specify sizes relatively.
  2. I wanted to stretch text elements to the size of a widget. The closest thing I could think of, was the paragraph style "Fit to box", but it did not work as expected, in fact I never saw the font stretching to width or height whatever values I entered.
  3. Sometimes I would like to display the time difference in days, but there does not seem to be a parameter or did I miss something in the syntax?
  4. I thought that it should be possible to export a widget as Komponent, so that I would be able to create bigger widgets with my widgets as partials. Is there a way to achieve this? What would you suggest?
  5. I would love to create dynamic entries. As far as I see, there is only the option to add elements and to arrange them in a stack group. Is there a trick to create an arbitrary dynamic amount of elements in a stack group? This would be extremely helpful for RSS feeds. It probably would need an iterator variable, that could be used in the formulae of the elements.
  6. Some of my widgets would need a different language setting, but it is not possible to specify a certain language for a widget, right?
  7. While I somehow see the point to have multiple one-touch / one-tap actions, I would love to add a double-tap or even triple-tap action to elements of my widgets. I could not find a way to add something like that.
  8. Entries, which spread over multiple lines are badly handled: the text flows to the border and the rest is stuck on a new line. I would prefer to have it equally spread and to respect some basic hyphenation patterns. Any way to achieve this?
  9. After assigning a touch action, it is a little bit cumbersome to edit a widget. I usually tap on the widget, wait for the touch action to finish, start / get the Editor and start editing. Is there a better way that I am missing?
  10. During the design phase I would love to be able to disable an element, without being forced to delete it. Is there any way (except for creating an overlay for each element) to selectively disable the display of certain elements?
  11. It would be awesome, if I could just tap on the element, that I want to edit, in the editor instead of navigating through the structure of my widget.
  12. The vertical right alignment does not work with fonts of different sizes, as bigger fonts come with invisible margins around them. This makes it difficult to vertical align text elements, that are rotated by 90 or 270 degrees.
  13. Whenever I start my phone (sometimes even without any interference) some of my elements just "jump", although they are properly defined. I can provide an example, if you are interested.
  14. Is it possible to specify a colour gradient for shapes?
  15. I have information about the next alarm in one of my widget. When all alarms are turned off in the clock app, it still displays some alarm. Where does it come from?
  16. I would like to display information from a calendar, that is otherwise suppressed in other widgets. I did not manage to get the calendar information function to display those information. What am I missing?
  17. I find it a bit irritating, that, when I export a widget as a preset, the exported preset is not automatically assigned to the widget. Maybe there is a reason behind that behaviour.
  18. It would be awesome, if I could export all my widgets on the screen at once.
  19. Sometimes I would like to update my widgets manually. Is there an option to enforce this?
  20. I would like to dispaly the moon phase as icon and as text in one of my widget. Is there a matching font available? I would also like to display moonrise and moondown.
  21. It would be awesome, if it would be possible to sort the function categories in different ways and to search through them by keywords. Sometimes it was difficult to find the function, that I have been looking for.
  22. During the design phase, I often cross-checked information in the editor. Whenever I wanted to leave the editor, it kept asking me, whether I would like to save my changes, although I did not change anything. Seems a little glitch to me.
  23. The editor is sometimes showing an empty Exported category. Switching back and forth displays the exported presets again.

I would be glad, if you could give me some input. In case anybody would be interested, I could also upload my widgets (not that they are so brillant, but maybe in order to see the failures and the reason for my questions).

And sorry again for posting such a huge list of points - and as it is late, also excuse my language and misspellings. ;)

Thank you in advance!

Nobody willing to comment on one of my questions? 😉